If you left something in one of our hotels, we may have picked it up for you.
To start your search, you’ll need to take the following three easy steps:
• To register, select "I have lost something" on the Foundspot homepage.
Fill in all the fields including all the information you can that will help us identify your item: date and place where you lost it, specific features, brand and, of course, your contact details, so that we can get in touch with you. The more details you include, the better!
• If Magic Costa Blanca staff find your missing item, it will be sent to the nearest reception and recorded on Foundspot. The system will then detect if it matches the description of your lost property and you’ll receive an e-mail so you can confirm and arrange for it to be sent to your address.

All items left in our hotels, will be sent to the nearest reception and recorded on the Foundspot website. Foundspot is a company that provides Magic Costa Blanca with an automated platform for returning lost property and provides Magic Costa Blanca with technical support in the event of any incident.

The timescale between locating an item and sending a match notification can vary from 1-2 days to several weeks.

After found items have been registered on the website, the system will detect if there are any matches for your lost property. If you receive a match e-mail, once you have confirmed the item is yours, select Proceed to Delivery and fill in the form to arrange delivery.
Once the shipping process has been completed, you will receive an email with the tracking number of your package so that you can track it.
In case you want to pick up the lost item at the hotel yourself, please contact Magic Costa Blanca customer service to make an appointment.

The delivery cost depends on the destination. Once you have filled in the delivery form, you’ll be able to see the delivery and handling cost in the Delivery Summary. We’d like to remind you that, if there is any additional import cost imposed by customs in the destination country, those costs are not included in the payment that is made through Foundspot as these are not delivery costs, but import duties imposed by the government. We recommend that you look into any potential additional costs to avoid any surprises when the item is delivered.

It is a good idea to check if the item that will be delivered to you is subject to any restriction or import duty in the destination country. In some destination countries, some items such as electronic devices, mobile phones, tablets and laptops may be subject to problems getting through customs. If you have any doubts, and in order to avoid additional charges, we recommend that you look into any additional costs that may be imposed by customs in the destination country.

The timescales for the delivery of your parcel depend on the destination. Once you have filled in the delivery form, you’ll be able to see the delivery dates on the Delivery Summary page. Please be aware that any customs delays are not included as they are dependent on the customs authorities of each destination country.

Normally, found items take between 1-2 days and three weeks to arrive at the nearest reception, which is where the locating and delivery process takes place. On some occasions, however, lost property arrives at the office later than this and takes longer to be handled. The search for lost property is considered permanently closed after 3 months have elapsed.